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For the newbies out there who want to go on a tasting journey of our coffee
This box of goodies is handpicked by our team of coffee experts—always sustainable, always delicious.”

1 x 250g Wake Up Call
Espresso blend that packs a punch

Bold & daring like your dance moves at a wedding, our wake-up call blend is a kick in the daks to get you, or your lingering Tinder date, out of bed in the morning. Artfully roasted to perfection, this espresso blend’s rich & syrupy body is guaranteed to get your heart racing and muscles pumping. Whether you’re heading to yoga, climbing Mount Everest, or just want to feel anything at all, our strongest blend has everything your body & mind needs to conquer life with a boost. For the coffee drinker that’s looking for a bloody good start to the day with a cup that packs a punch, our Wake-up call is one you’ll want to be answering every morning.

1 x 250g Bean High 
House brew blend taking coffee higher

If life has you feeling low, we say, “get high”. Our signature house brew blend can do just that and will still let you pass your drug-test, too. Deal with it, HR. While there’s no controlled substances in this blend, you’ll defo be left wondering how you can feel this good from a simple cup. Uniquely crafted to accentuate the natural chocolate & nutty flavor, this brew will leave you wanting to turn on some tunes and pour, sip, & pass with your mates. For a quick break from reality, have a cup of this artisan blend, kick back, and enjoy the ride of this smooth and balanced brew that’s sure to bring you to another dimension. We reckon you’ll be surprised at how good Bean High can feel, and taste.

1 x 250g Roasters Single Origin Selection (typically our lightest and most unique roast)

Check out our Brewing guides for the tips and tricks on how to make the best of these roasts.

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How do I make changes to my subscription?
You can login to the customer portal using this link. Here you will be able to edit your details, adjust the frequency of delivery, pause or cancel your subscription.

When will my order be processed and shipped?
We will do our best to process orders same day and have your coffee on the road within a day or two. Sometimes a weekend or public holiday might get in the way but if there are any further delays we’ll reach out. 

How do I know if my order has gone through?
You will receive a confirmation email from us after placing your order with your invoice. To stop you from getting your knickers in a knot We’ll also update you with the tracking code when your order has been shipped. 

How should I store my coffee?
Our bags are pretty tidy, seal them up and try to consume coffee within 2 weeks of opening. 

Keep it airtight in the pantry or cupboard (not the fridge!) and try to avoid exposure to heat, light, moisture and oxygen. This will give you the best shelf life and optimum taste. 

How long will my coffee last? 
Your beans are ideal within 3 weeks from roast. There are exceptions to the rules and rules to the exceptions, but this is the general go. Note if your beans are pre ground we recommend you drink faster. 

I don't have a grinder, can you grind the beans for me?
Sure can, select your grind method at checkout and we will sort you out. Alternatively you can purchase a grinder from our “Shop” Page.

Should my local barista be worried?
Absolutely not. Nothing could ever replace the experience of visiting your local café for a barista-made coffee with some good banter on the side. We just know a lot of you have got comfortable saving a buck sipping your coffee nude on the couch at home, delivering HITW coffee to your door is just our way of saying cheers to that!